Communication Device Services

At Hope Rising we offer services to assist our clients with the following:

  • Acquiring an appropriate communication device through an AAC evaluation, which may include trials, and assistance with funding for communication devices through grants, private insurance, or Medicare/Medicaid
  • Learning how to program their/their family member’s communication device themselves
  • Customizing clients’ devices remotely
  • Assisting clients in accessing communication devices through alternative means such as switches, a headmouse, eyegaze, keyguard or specialized internal settings

We can assist clients and/or their family members with learning how to program or customize devices that they have not acquired through our services, as long as they own the device themselves

We have experience with the following communication devices/systems: Aided Language Stimulation, Core Vocabulary, Eyegaze Devices (varied), GoTalks, GoTalk Now app, The Grid, Minspeak (Prentke Romich), PECs (picture exchange communication system), PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display), Proloquo2Go, Sonoflex, Single Cell Communication Devices (Big Mac, Step by Step Sequencer), Tobii Dynavox Devices, and TouchChat. If you do not see the AAC device or app you or your family member is using please contact us, we have not included all of them!!