Insurance & Payment

Do you take insurance?

We accept Medicare Part B, Traditional Texas Medicaid (not through an MCO), Amerigroup Medicaid and Aetna Better Health Medicaid. We also accept BCBS PPO Plans and BCBS Blue Essentials HMO Plans. We are able to bill many Medicare Advantage plans. We are currently an out of network provider for other private insurance companies. We can provide you with the documentation you would need to submit billing for out of network benefits in the form of a superbill. We can also provide you with information on how to help you find out if you have these benefits, and how to work with your insurance company on getting them.

Please note that not all of the services that we provide are eligible for reimbursement by insurance. Consulting and training services are typically not reimbursable by insurance.

Can we use our HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) to pay for services?

The majority of our services can be paid for using either your HSA or FSA account. Any service that could potentially receive insurance coverage would be eligible.

What are your rates?

Please contact us to request our rates for specific services.